image It is almost 40 years since I was interested in Stones.
My studio is at the north foot of Mt. Fuji, close to Mt. Fuji Climbing Trail.
Everyday, I curve the Stones with the conversation to them in the forest of red pines.
I ask them "How can I express your charactor?"
I am so happy if you find the joyful expression of Stones at the town and in your life.
I see the quality of the Stones in Japan is not good for the stone statue in a concrete.
I make the simple and naive shape with this material.
If I make more shape, the charactor of the Stone go away.
The best is to stop curving when I feel I need more shape.
I am so glad if I can convey the style of Japanese spirits on the Stone that many Japanese sculptor left.
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Sculptor SHOZO Hamada ,2003
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